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Important information for undergraduate applicants including critical dates and requirements

1. Important Dates

If you want to start an undergraduate degree at LHU in 2021, you need to apply by September 4, 2021

2. Entrance Requirements

Candidates must submit these papers:

1. Student's record verified by the local authorities (student's records are sold at the Academic Affairs Department, LHU or bookstores, stationary shops,...)

2. Notification of admission granted by the University Enrollment Council

3. A notarized copy of high school degree and a copy of high school report

4. A notarized copy of birth certificate

5. A certificate of health (checked free at LHU)

6. A certificate of legal documents for preferential subjects (if any)

7. Two new photos - size 3x4 each enclosed with information about name, date of birth and birthplace at the rears.

8. Youth Union or Party certificates (if any)

9. A receipt of school free (tuition paid on admission day)

3. Application fees

1. Based on credit training, the first year's tuition ........... about VND 7, 500,000/semester. Separately, pharmacy branch ........... about VND 15,000,000/semester.

2. Admission fee and student card: ..........VND 250,000

3. Physical education uniforms: .......... VND 140,000

4. Medical insurance: ............ VND 526,000 per year

5. Total student insurance: ....... VND 100,000 per year

Note: Implement the payment of health insurance as the State requires. Show your insurance card (if any). Late applications without reasonable reasons cannot be accepted after 15 days and above.

4. Preferences and benefits

Applicants will enjoy these benefits if they apply to LHU.

- Scholarships for newly entering students who exhibit academic excellence in entrance examination. The value is equivalent to school fee of an academic year.

- Annual scholarships for poor and studious students and those who exhibit good study results.

- Students are granted loans to VND 1,100,000/month.

- 1,500 accommodations for far away students.

-  Graduates are guaranteed for jobs.

- Higher education is available.

And more....

5. Contact: Enrollment Division - Academic Affairs Department  - Lac Hong University to receive more information:
Address: No. 10 Huynh Van Nghe, Buu Long ward, Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province.
Office: Room B101, B102 - campus 1
Call: (+84)61 3952.188, (+84)61 3952.778, (+84) 937.593.386, (+84) 943.058.699.

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