Currently, Faculty of Administration and International Economics offers master's degrees (Business Administration)
Faculty of Administration and International Economics also offers doctoral degrees in  major namely: Business Administration 
If you are interested in graduate education at Lac Hong University, learn more about our graduate admission processes.
First, candidates have to pass the entrance examination. 

Required tests: Foreign language, Basic subjects, Major subjects

Specifically: Business Administration (8340101)

Econometrics (Probability & Mathematics statistics and Linear programming mathematics) and Principles of Management 

* Important Deadlines: 

- Transfer learning:  Apply by June 30, 2021.

- Time for Review: April and July, 2021 as expected

- Time for application submission: By June 30, 2021.

* Important Dates:

- Examination Dates: September 29 and 30, 2021.

- Examination results: October, 2021.

- Admission date: November 2021.

- Opening date: December 2021.

* Contact Address:

Lac Hong University

  • Postgraduate Education Faculty

Room B105, No. 10 Huynh Van Nghe street, Buu Long ward, Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province


Tel: (+84)61 3951924 - (+84)936 981 018 

Hot line: (+84) 913 613 393


  • Academic Affairs Department
Tel: (+84)943.058.699

* Requirements for registration

- Candidates must submit these papers:

- An application form (sample); a personal CV (sample); an offer of study (sample).
- A certificate of health.
- Notarized copies of a bachelor degree and a university result-board.
- Notarized copies of legal documents for preferential subjects (if any).
- Three stamped envelopes including full name and address of receiver, 5 new photos - size 3x4 each with information about name, date of birth and birthplace at the rears.

Note: No acceptance to papers lacking cases, supplementary and return.

* Examination fee: pay when submitting papers: VND 400,000/ per exam subject.

* Graduate Tuition: Total cost: VND 50,000,000 which is payable in 3 semesters.

+ First semester VND 20,000,000 (before class opening).

+ Second semester VND 15,000,000 

+ Last semester VND 15,000,000 

LHU also gives priority to these subjects:

* Preferential Subjects:

Those who have two-year working experience at difficult areas, remote areas or islands.

Wounded soldiers, sick soldiers with certificates of preferential policy.

Children of martyr.

Heroes of the people's armed forces, hero of labour, those who deserve credit for revolution.

Ethnic minorities at difficult areas.

Children of AO/dioxin victims.

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