Lac Hong University each year receives nearly 3,000 students who will be trained in different levels. Besides teaching work, the University always ensures a good environment for the students. It also pays special attention to cultivating intellectuals through material and spiritual support by building funds for study encouragement. Every year, the University spends up to VND 3 billion on scholarships for students enrolled to the University as well as those who are current students.

Below are two kinds of scholarships which vary depending on your student types

1. Scholarships for newly entering students

LHU awards scholarships​ to freshmen who exhibit academic excellence in entrance examination (based on entrance result at the University).
Scholarship Value will be equivalent to school fee of an academic year.

Academic year


School fee per year

Scholarship Value 

2014 - 2015


VND 30,000,000 

VND 30,000,000 

Other majors

VND 15,000,000 

VND 15,000,000 

2. Scholarships for current students
LHU awards scholarships​ to students who overcome difficulties (based on family circumstances, beneficiary of social welfare,...) and students who exhibit excellent academic results (based on study results each year).

Scholarship Source: From the University, from enterprises and international organizations and from scholarship fund for overseas students.

+ From the University scholarship fund

  •  Scholarship value for students who overcome adversity.
RankScholarship ValueExcellentVND 10,000,0001stVND 4,000,0002ndVND 3,500,0003rd VND 2,500,000
  • Scholarship value for students who get high study results. 

       From VND 500,000 to VND 2,000,000/ per student

+  From other scholarship sources (from VND 1,000,000 to VND 10,500,000 per student)

It depends on annual sponsor level and numbers of scholarship receivers.

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