Seminar introducing AUN-QA Quality Assessment at Programme Level


    Seminar introducing AUN-QA Quality Assessment at Programme Level

    In the morning of November 1, LHU Department of Examination and Quality Assessment successfully organized a seminar focusing on AUN-QA Quality Assessment at Programme Level. The speaker Nguyen Thanh Lam - Vice Manager of Scientific Research Department and the Organization Board started the series of activities to assist units in assessing university education quality according to standards of AUN-QA (ASEAN University Network - Quality Assurance).

    Dr. Nguyen Thanh Lam provided the participants with detailed information about AUN-QA Quality Assessment at the seminar.

    The seminar was attended by the University Management Board, leaders of faculties, departments and units, staff in charge of building training programs and quality assessment, relevant staff, Mechatronics - Electronics Faculty and Information Technology Faculty (the two piloted units selected to implement AUN-QA).

    The participants joined in group discussion about AUN-QA Quality Assessment.

    At the seminar, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Lam provided the participants with information about Quality Assurance in university education; General Introduction about AUN-QA; PDCA (Plan - Do - Check – Act) Process for constant improvement; 11 standards of AUN-QA Programme Level.

    Addressing at the seminar, Vice Rector Lam Thanh Hien said "AUN-QA Quality Assessment is the target which many universities in Vietnam and ASEAN region wish to reach. The aim of universities not only attracts students but also affirms training quality"

    Enhancing university training quality is a vital condition of universities, also motivating domestic education innovation. All universities know that. Like other university educating units, LHU takes every effort to renew itself and make training activities more effective. Specifically, the University sets the goal to promote training programs verified by ASEAN University Network.

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