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    On March 21, 2021, at the sports ground of Lac Hong University, the Faculty of AIE organized the "Student Festival". The event successfully introduced the academic club of the faculty. The opening ceremony was attended by Professor Nguyen Van Tan - Head of the Faculty of AIE, along with other faculty members and students. The decision to establish the Club of Tourism and Travel Management was announced by the Head of the Faculty's Youth Union. Dr. Nguyen Van Tan expressed his joy and excitement at the club's establishment after a long period of planning and collaboration with the students. The goal is to develop the club as a fun and creative platform for students, emphasizing the integration of learning and practical experience to build a strong knowledge foundation for their future. Particularly in the field of Tourism and Travel Management, students will have the opportunity to enhance their communication skills, behavior, and practical knowledge.

    Dr. Nguyễn Văn Tân - Head of the AIE presents the decision to establish the Executive Board for 4 specialized clubs.

    A diverse group of people from different personalities, generations, and interests. However, the common ground is a passion for exploring historical and cultural research. These students have come together to collaborate and develop their passion. They are outstanding members of the Tourism and Travel Management Club. 

    Who are they?

    Dr. Vu Duc Cuong - Directing the Tourism and Travel Management Club issued a decision to establish for the club members.


    The club members were thrilled and excited when the club was officially launched.

    In excitement, Tran Ngoc Thi Na 20QD111 shared, "I feel very happy when the club is officially established. This will definitely be a great playground for students majoring in Tourism and Travel Management. Here, you can show your youth, enthusiasm, and exchange knowledge and learn from each other."

    "I feel the club is a practical playground for Tourism students and a place to hone skills for students to equip themselves when graduating and entering the business world," shared Truong Vy, class 19QD111.

    Based on the guidance of Dr. Nguyen Van Tan and respected teachers, the students in the Tourism and Travel Management Club had a meeting and shared their opinions at room D301 – Campus 2, Lac Hong University. They shared that we must go further together in developing the playground, connecting students, helping students develop, and enhancing specialized knowledge. Specifically, in April, the Tourism and Travel Management department will organize the "Saigon, Historical Path" competition, which will be a very beneficial and interesting playground. The club members are determined to strengthen and develop the club more and more.

    Hopefully, in the future, with the guidance of the Faculty's leadership and Dr. Vu Duc Cuong - directly guiding the Tourism and Travel Management Club, the club can further develop, walk hand in hand on the road ahead, and achieve the goal of leading the Faculty of AIE.

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