Mabuchi Motor Corporation signed cooperation agreement with LHU


    Mabuchi Motor Corporation signed cooperation agreement with LHU

    Recently, General Secretary of Mabuchi International Scholarship Foundation (MISF) - Mr. Shunichiro Onaka and Board Chairman - General Manager Shinji Kamei came back LHU to sign cooperation agreement to develop and maintain the Scholarship Fund between MISF and LHU. Vice Rector Lam Thanh Hien and leaders of relevant units warmly received the delegation.

    Earlier, MISF worked with LHU to deploy loan supporting program without interest offered to students and recently, MISF also selected 25 students of LHU to award scholarships worth VND 250 million.

    Chairman of Mabuchi Motor Corporation visited and proposed the establishment of scholarship fund at LHU in early 2015.

    This working visit, MISF proposed increasing the total number of sponsor money. Firstly, it was a great honor for LHU before the trust of Mabuchi Motor Corporation. The program also gives hope and wings to difficult students who can study and perfect their dreams at LHU. Also, at this working session, Mr. Shinji Kamei repeated MISF's wish that "We hope this fund will be maintained and developed rotationally to bring up difficult students' dreams of study at the University. Also, MISF wishes that your University will welcome our good intention - together cultivating talents to serve the community's development."

    Leaders of the two sides signed cooperation agreement at the recent working session.

    Previously, in the first working session in January, 2015 Chairman of Mabuchi Motor Corporation launched loan supporting program without interest from MISF and the University, offered to students who have difficult circumstances. Each student will be supported to borrow VND one million loan/ per month during 4 or 4,5 years. First turn, MISF has transferred VND 250 million to the University. The Fund is estimated to be up billions of dongs after 4 - 5 years of operation. Especially, this Fund brings three benefits as follow:

    - Maintaining expenditure for students during their study;

    - Awarding scholarships to newly entering students in early academic year;

    - Graduates can return fund to continue to support later generations.

    This was the second time Chairman of Mabuchi Motor Corporation Shinji Kamei visited and worked with LHU.

    Currently, Mabuchi Motor Scholarship Fund has been applied at three universities including Ha Noi Foreign Trade University, Da Nang University and Lac Hong University.  Accordingly, this Fund has been piloted at the first three universities at the North, the Central and the South. And more universities will be chosen to continue to develop the Fund in the future.

    Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd. is a famous company with 19 branches worldwide. Joining Vietnam in 1996, Mabuchi established its factory in Dong Nai province, acting as a manufacturer of electronic components. In 2005, another factory was built in Da Nang with an investment of VND 1,679 billion. The factor produces components, too. With the two factories, Mabuchi Motor Corporation hopes to satisfy the demand for electronic components and thereby contributing to the community.
    By Diem Nhi - Trans. by WBE

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