Free Business Starting training course offered to students

    The training course "Starting business" without school fee, offered to LHU students has been recently opened at LHU's Center for Application and Scientific Research. The program received the great support from the Assistance Center for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in the South (SIYB) under the Ministry of Planning and Investment. With the aim at helping students start their business, the course was directly instructed by Luong Mai Em, M.A - SIYB senior lecturer - Business Development Consultant.

    Dean of International Business Administration Faculty Nguyen Van Tan delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.
    The opening ceremony saw the participation of Vice Rectors Lam Thanh Hien, Diep Cam Thu and Nguyen Van Nam, Dean of International Business Administration Faculty Nguyen Van Tan, Manager of Scientific Research Department Nguyen Vu Quynh and a large number of students at all levels.
    Reportedly, the training course including 10 classes will start from late December to October 2016. Each class will take place on Saturdays and Sundays. According to Dr. Nguyen Van Tan, the Faculty of International Business Administration organized this training course not only for its students but also for students at all levels. Through this free training course, participants will be provided with fully basic knowledge of starting business and setting up business. Thence, students can set up their business themselves, knowing how to apply knowledge into reality to develop local economy, and try to get rich legally.
    Senior lecturer Luong Mai Em directly instructed participants.
    At the opening ceremony of the training course, expert Luong Mai Em provided learners with basic knowledge in business administration such as business planning process, communication skill, presentations on businesses' problems, leading skill, how to determine management and use capital effectively, turnovers and profits of small and medium sized enterprises, decisions in production and demonstration, ... In addition, learners were introduced some policies supporting state's economy for youth in the current stage and shared practical experience of typically young enterprises.
    LHU Management Board exchanged the contents of the course with representative of SIYB.
    Dong Nai province is a favorable land for people who newly set up their business. For the past years, big local enterprises have created many playgrounds for young people who want to perform their passion. This is one of the advantages of students of universities and collges in Dong Nai, including LHU students. For the University, many students have had good business projects, participating in rounds of National Business Starting contest and wining high prizes. Many of them have started their business successfully. Particularly, Rosa group won First Prize at 2016 Business Starting Contest. Currently, Nguyen Ngoc Anh Thu has developed their project into Rosa Food - Services Co. Ltd - an effective young enterprise at Dong Nai locality.
    By Diem Nhi - Trans. by WBE

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